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Talking Tech In Detroit: Working With React To Cre...

By Spencer White

In this new series, Benzinga will look inward and focus on some of the technology that brings actionable news to traders and investors before anyone else. In this first installment, Benzinga head of product development Bert David explains the role the React framework plays in Benzinga’s technology.


Benzinga Cited in USA Today

By Michael Zanger

Pick up a copy of today's, USA Today, and you'll find Benzinga cited on page 4B of USA Today, Money! 



Zinging Benzinga's Praises

By George Vieira

I learned a lot at Benzinga - perhaps not how to avoid terrible puns, but probably just about everything else that matters.


To Benzing or not to Benzing, that is the question

By Zoey Parks

By Harmisha Hoggatt, Benzinga Intern

The first time I saw Benzinga's ad on craigslist requesting resumes for internships I was very interested, not because I like writing but because I thought the name was so odd and unique that the people who work there must be cool.


A Thanksgiving Zing

By Kyle Bazzy

"On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence." ~ William Jennings Bryan

As we indulge ourselves this Thursday with delicacies in the form of candied yams, thrice-stuffed turkeys, cornbread, cucumber salads and cranberry slices, all covered in gravy, we at Benzinga wanted to take a moment and give thanks.


We Knock The Doors Off Your Doors

By Brad Fingeroot

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said “To be great, is to be misunderstood,” and when I was first approached about joining a news organization called Benzinga, misunderstood is an understatement. What can a high school-age veteran politico contribute to a finance news group? And most of all, what's with the off-the-wall name?


Happy Birthday! Have a Piece of Ca– No, a Scoop ...

By Louis Bedigian

At Benzinga, we dare to be different. REALLY different.


My Three-Month Run as an Intern

By Kyle Bazzy

It was late April, I was finishing up the remainder of my exams while also trying to figure out where I could intern. This thought continued to haunt me through the month as I was trying to pursue a finance-related career. I knew that I needed an internship in order to remain competitive.


Mahalo Benzinga, Back To School

By Benzinga Staff

1677. The door opens as someone rushes out. I stroll in only to see one pair of eyes quickly glance my way before returning to the markets on eight monitors. Was I in the right place or was the rest of the office hidden behind the green screen? With all my international travels, I figured I could handle a casual office with close quarters…maybe I was getting ahead of myself.


My Experience at Benzinga

By Benzinga Staff

My mother boarded her plane from New York, and was ready to fall asleep on the two-hour flight home. When she sat down at her seat, she saw a young guy next to her. They started talking and the young guy told her about his company, Benzinga. They talked the entire two-hour flight, as she was very impressed with how he described his company.