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Benzinga is a full-service news and media company with three main areas of expertise: real-time news, actionable trading ideas and insightful commentary. We offer coverage of all aspects of the financial market including corporate, economic and political content. With strong connections in and around the market, we strive to provide high quality and relevant news for the real-time environment that defines today's world.

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Benzinga to move headquarters to Detroit from Southfield

Benzinga will move it offices and 35 employees to One Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. 

Benzinga to Relocate to Quicken Campus 

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick told the Detroit Free Press that the company wil make the move downtown this month. 

Financial news startup moves headquarters to Campus Martius

VIDEO: Benzinga, a financial news startup, is moving into the former Compuware building.

Benzinga Moving Headquarters To Detroit From Suburbs

Financial news and data business Benzinga is moving its headquarters to Detroit from the suburbs.

Benzinga startup to move to Dan Gilbert's Campus Martius spot in Detroit

Benzinga is the newest tech company to relocate to a Bedrock Real Estate Services owned building in downtown Detroit. 

Benzinga aims to use new digs to show off Detroit

The Detroit Free Press officially announces Benzinga's upcoming move to a new downtown Detroit office space, along with hopes for Detroit and vision for company as a whole. 

TradeKing Adds Benzinga's Top Stories and Alerts to Award-Winning TradeKing LIVE Platform

TradeKing's new Home Page widget updates throughout the market day with top news stories from Benzinga.

Benzinga Creates Jobs With Its Move To Downtown Detroit

Model D spoke with Benzinga CEO & Founder Jason Raznick about the company's previous need for software developers and the current pending relocation to Detroit's downtown area.

Financial News Start-Up Heading To Detroit

The Detroit Free Press covers Benzinga's office relocation to downtown Detroit scheduled for February 2015.

Benzinga: The Detroit-based Online Investing Tool for Average Joes

Techonomy profiled Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick recently ahead of the Techonomy Detroit conference to learn more about the Benzinga, Benzinga Pro and Marketfy services and also about the current scene for small businesses in Detroit.

Look Who's In The Stock Market Now: Millennials

CNBC's Stephanie Landsman's missive on millennials in the stock market quoted Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick on the surprising demographic shift in Benzinga readers over the last few years.

Detroit's Startup Revolution: How the Motor City is Driving Entrepreneurship

State Budget Solutions' Hannah Oh covered the status of Detroit's conducive environment to 'savvy entrepreneurs' in her latest missive from July 9, 2014, including mentions of Benzinga as well as Detroit Lives!, Bizdom and Detroit Venture Partners.

Startup Nation's 'How To Break Out In A Competitive Market'

Startup Nation's show on Saturday, June 28 focused on how entrepreneurs are figuring out a way to break out in highly competitive, firmly entrenched business sectors. Host Jeff Sloan was accompanied by Guest Co-Host, Norm Pappas. Guests included Jason Raznick from Benzinga and Ari Techner from Scratch Golf.

Creating A New Brand For Financial News In Michigan

Neiman Lab's Joseph Lichterman spent the day at Benzinga HQ getting a feel for the business and its span of financial news involvement.

My Jewish Detroit Covers "Doarchist" Jazon Raznick

An exclusive interview with Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick that covers Benzinga's game-changing path to becoming a virtual Wall Street.

5 Michigan Financial Tech Startups To Watch Out For!

Michipreneur's Amanda Lewan listed Benzinga as one of the great financial tech startups to watch out for due to its ''fresh, quick, and informative approach to financial news." Other startups listed were Larky, Wisely, VerifyValid and Protean Payment.  

MetroMode Covers Benzinga's Latest Products & Employees

On February 27, 2014, MetroMode quoted CEO Jason Raznick on Benzinga's latest advancement with financial products and employee expansion.

ForexLive Partners with Benzinga Professional for Wider Depth of Content

On November 20, 2013, the partnership between ForexLive and Benzinga Professional was announced that subscribers would have access to a greater depth of information and access to the latest trends that impact the forex market.

The Michigan Daily

Benzinga Founder Jason Raznick and Developer Adam Bratt were guest speakers at the 1000 Pitches Summit in Palmer Commons at the University of Michigan to push ideas and innovations.


In November 2013, EuroWeeklyNews cited Benzinga while covering the impact of the iPhone 5C on Apple's smartphone market share.

TEDx at University of Michigan Dearborn

On October 19, 2013, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick spoke on the TEDxUMDearborn stage and shared his story of overcoming obstacles, founding Benzinga in his basement and how he saw Michigan battle with the economic recession.

MedCity News

In October 2013, MedCity News cited Benzinga while covering Obamacare's effects on full vs. part-time employment.


In October 2013, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick was named an honoree of DBusiness "30 in Their Thirties," for his passion as a "startup junkie," and serial entrepreneur.

Right Startups

In August 2013, Benzinga received praise for its services that go beyond the daily news and coverage of global markets and financial content.

Second Annual JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award

In June 2013, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick passed the torch of the JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award to Pam Turkin, found of Just Baked at the 16th Annual Strictly Business Networking and Awards Luncheon.

Crain's Detroit '40 Under 40'

In September 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick, was honored by Crain's Detroit as one of Detroit's top 40 business people under the age of 40.


In July 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick appeared on CNBC's lunchtime Fast Money segment to discuss bank stocks and strategies for netting positive returns with them.

Fox 2 Detroit

In July 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick stopped by the Fox 2 News Detroit studio to talk about Benzinga, the company's progress, and its future.

JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award

In June 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick was honored by JVS when he was given the JVS rising entrepreneur award.

Huffington Post

In March 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick put together a piece for the Huffington post about hiring struggles in the Detroit area, and the need for technology-trained talent.


In Feburary 2012, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick appeared on CNBC to discuss the outlook for the market and the current trading environment.

Wallstreet Journal

In May 2011, the Wallstreet Journal put together a piece on an investment made by the founders of Groupon in Benzinga.

Fox Business

In April 2011, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick visited the studios of Fox Business to address the effects of consumer spending on inflation.